a short moment can lead to a very deep artistic process. there are times where a source of inspiration could be the sound of something, a moment or even a vision, all having a meaningful impact on me. water, the most important element in my work, holds the information for everything. it helps to connect with different worlds and dimensions, stories and sounds, also strengthens creativity and enhances intuition.


I was born in Russia 1985, and moved to Vienna in 1989. the communication between me and what is being created on paper opens up new, unknown doors and undiscovered fields.

Born in Russia/ Pjatigorsk 1985

Sigmund Freu High School Vienna

2 year College at the Höhere Graphische Bundes- Lehr und Versuchsanstalt (Print,  Prepress and Media Technology)

graphic and web design

several music projects (singing, songwriting)

artprints, digital and screen printing 

selected for Salzburg Sommerakadie 2018 / Ei Arakawa


23.06.- 27.06.2020                 Vienna Volkstheater U Bahn, Verein Red Carpet

07.07.2020                                   Vienna 1210, Floriwood

10.07.2020                                    Vienna 1050, Verein Kunstschaffen- in the Heat of the Night

07.12.2020                                     Vienna 1040, Russisches Kultur Institut (unfortunately due to Corona postponed)

18.06.- 24.08.2022                   Berlin, Galerie im Körnerpark, Anonymous drawings