“Visual art is not a passion for me, it happens out of necessity”

Rachel Jag, a self-taught artist, currently based in Vienna, was born in former Soviet Union (Russia) in 1985.
After finishing at the Sigmund Freud High School, she went on to study at the “Graphische”, a college for Print, Prepress and Media Technology, after which she worked as a graphic designer and web developer. At a young age, she was involved in various music projects as a singer and songwriter, and came to visual arts through listening to melodies that made a big impact on her. Since then, she explores the relation between color and sound, and has moved to the artistic field of visual arts.

While many printing projects have followed, like screen printing on textiles as well as prints on paper, it was the relationship between colour and sound that kept bringing her back most strongly to the artistic field of visual arts. Drawn by melodies, the artist transforms fragments of compositions into shape and colour combinations. Also rhythmic elements are captured with her inner voice leading a marker to be tapped onto the paper. Her works, often fragile and subtle, while on the other hand often dramatic and bold.

“My artwork is never about what ‘I’ want to see, more importantly it is about what is being shown to me and what comes through me. When it’s done, I just put it away, I don’t look for any single ‘interpretation’ or ‘message’,  or some sort of translation into words. I prefer to call it a careful ‘approach’  to something undiscovered, or even unknown. I might receive answers on an emotional level, but this could happen after several months, several years, or even never”.


“The essence of a short moment, or even a strangely familiar sound, may lead to a very deep artistic process“ 

Exploring the approach to the unknown, trying to get closer to the creative process of turning one flash of inspiration in a single moment into something with a life of its own, is the most fascinating to the artist.  Every single step in the working process is never premeditated. To have trust, to let the ‘unknown be shown’, is often very challenging. The communication between the artist, the source of her inspiration and what is being created on paper opens up new, unseen doors and unexplored fields.


the aura of a space 

This series is about giving space to split-second moments of inspiration. As has always been the case in Rachel’s work, the emotional message it contains is explored. The attempt is to perceive the ‘communication‘, to see where it takes her.

Rachel’s new series of work represents shapes shown digitally in the form of dots. The artist here observes the digital working process in order to then explore how her perception of it compares with the material, physical working process. In the future, these pieces will follow in physical form to see what exactly happens emotionally, and above all how deeply these two processes both run.

The idea to go digital arose originally from necessity – a moment of limited access to physical materials. At first, she created flying objects, light emitting flower-like creations and other indefinable forms. Having worked with rhythmic imagery in the past, she then returned to this way of working to see what forms would emerge as she explored ‚The aura of a space‘. Once again, the artist returned to her original artistic approach, that everything comes about almost by itself, or leaves her with endless questions on an emotional level. This idea fascinates her, of being both the creator and the observer at the same time.

As always, every step of the process is done intuitively, from the choice of colours to the size and alignment of the dots. At the beginning, again as always, there is a strong inner resistance which then disappears as soon as the picture takes form.





Born in Russia/ Pjatigorsk 1985

Sigmund Freud High School Vienna

2 year College at the Höhere Graphische Bundes- Lehr und Versuchsanstalt (Print,  Prepress and Media Technology)

graphic design and web development

several music projects (singing, songwriting)

artprints, digital and screen printing 

selected for Salzburg Sommerakadie 2018 / Ei Arakawa

Art and creative workshops 

ORF Kulturmontag- Austrian largest media provider / studio visit 2020

new studio space at West Space Vienna , Augasse 2-6 , 1090 Vienna / Austria 


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23.06.- 27.06.2020                  Vienna Volkstheater U Bahn, Verein Red Carpet

07.07.- 12.07.2020                  Vienna 1210, Floriwood

10.07.- 25.07.2022                  Vienna 1050, Verein Kunstschaffen- in the Heat of the Night

25.06.- 28.06.2022                  Vienna 1160, Garage Grande by high brow institute, Homo Techno Machina Humana 

18.06.- 24.08.2022                  Berlin, Galerie im Körnerpark, Anonymous drawings, curated by Anke Becker

(drawing sold in the first week)  

14.04.- 18.05.2023                  Rome/ Italy, exhibition  ‘Adhesion/ Night Skies’ and Astro Imaging curated by loosenart 

23.04.- 31.05.2023                  Vienna 1130, Verein Grätzleben Digital Art Print Exhibition colour and sound 

14.04.- 18.05.2023                  Rome/ Italy, ‘Floating’ work series curated by Gallery Art number 23

15.06.- 01.10.2023                  Contemporary art collectors Online Exhibition ‘Beyond Utopia: Visions of a Perfect World’

04.08.- 13.08.2023                  Vienna 1030, ‘Bloom’, digital art and sound exhibition 

20.09.- 20.01.2024                  Contemporary art curator magazine Online Exhibition ‘Parallel Worlds’

04.10.- 10.10.2023                  World Space Week 2023

Exhibition ‘Visions- exploring inner and outer worlds of space travel ’ in corporation with UNESCO Club Vienna, the Moon Village Association and the 75.World Federation for Mental Health  

11.11.- 17.11.2023                  Group Exhibition ‘Stille Post- Die Antwort’  Vienna Art Week at West Space Vienna 1090